Four Cycles Of Business

There are four cycles of business:  Inception, Growth, Maturity, and Transition:  Renewal or Decline.  Each business cycle has a unique purpose!  Each business cycle also has its own unique challenges for a business leader. And, each business cycle is supported by Greenlight Leadership Consulting Group – we understand it’s lonely at the top, no matter which stage of business you are in!

Inception ~ The start of something; when an event, action, or organization is initiated.  The inception or start-up phase of a business begins with a business plan, setting up the legal structure and operational agreements, and launching your company.  

Our “Greenlight for Launch” Program walks you step by step through the start-up phase to set you and your company on the path to success!

Growth ~ During the growth phase, companies start to see positive cash flow and hopefully, profits.  The company has proven to serve a need in the marketplace and is building a customer base.  As your product or service is taking off, it could be time to look for more funding from investors so you can expand your business, invest in equipment, or hire more employees to diversify and expand your best-performing products or services. Additionally, as your business is growing, you may be able to hire and train employees to help you manage day-to-day functions, allowing you to focus on additional strategies for growth.   

Maturity ~ After several years in business, your company will hit a stage of maturity when it’s more stable and profitable.  Mature businesses have strong brand recognition and a secure or growing customer base that allows them to expand product lines into new or existing markets.  At this point, owners can count on employees to manage the day-to-day operations so they can focus on long-term goals and strategy.  Additionally, at this stage of a business, owners can start to take more time away from the business and draw additional profits out of the company.  

Our “Beacons of Leadership” Program works with CEO’s and Leaders in the growth and maturity phase of their businesses to focus on strategy and effective leadership skills that will make a true impact and difference in the profitability and growth of the business. 

Transition: Renewal or Decline ~ The transition stage represents a period where a company must deal with change. The transition may be positive or negative focusing on renewal or decline.  This period of transition could be due to many factors, including:

  • Declining sales
  • Changing market conditions that are impacting the business
  • A shift in customers’ preferences
  • An opportunity for rapid growth
  • A personal situation including burnout

With your long-term goals in mind, you may want to focus on creating strategic plans to guide your immediate responses during a transition period.   At this phase of business, you determine whether to continue to move forward with growth and reinvention of the business, or you look ahead to succession options and an exit strategy.  

Our “Greenlight for Exit” Program walks with you through the entire exit strategy process from preparation to valuation, due diligence, the emotional side of the business transition, and life after the exit.

For more information on our signature consulting programs to help you manage through the phases of the business cycle, connect with via email or visit our website


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