Top 5 Ways To Show Love As You Lead

“Appreciate your people, so they appreciate in value!” 

The first time I heard this quote, it resonated with me since I’ve always believed that people are a company’s biggest asset.  Another way to say this would be, if you love the people you lead, they will love what they do.  To be an effective leader, it’s important for us to show care and compassion for the people that surround us.  

Here are five ways we can show love to those that we lead:

  1. Lead with respect, not authority.  Flexing one’s authority is not leadership.  Leadership is inspiring people to want to work with you.  You can’t lead if no one will follow.  
  2. Serve those you lead.  Put the needs of those you lead before your ego and status.  Leadership doesn’t happen in the head; it happens in the heart!  When people you lead feel that you care about them, they will walk across hot coals for you.
  3. Get to know them.  As in any relationship, spending time to get to know each of your colleagues is extremely important.  Once you understand those that you lead, you are better equipped to empower them to perform at a much greater level. 
  4. Inspire them to Grow.  Leadership is about understanding what the goals are for your team members and then giving them support to achieve those goals.  Partnering to set annual career goals with your team, and then checking in throughout the year, shows your commitment and care.  
  5. Say “Thank You!”.  Might seem unnecessary to mention, but it is surprising how many times leaders forget to tell their team “Thank You”.  Everyone responds well when they hear words of affirmation.  Simple, but powerful!

Remember in this month of celebrating love, that leadership is practiced in words and actions.  Let yours speak appreciation to those you lead.

For assistance on leading with vision and managing with wisdom in your company, connect with us!  We’d love to assist you in your leadership journey.

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